Behind the Curtain

This week we’ve completely overtaken the Museum of Nature, working fastidiously to finish installing Preternatural.

Anne Katrine Senstad arrived from New York via Norway yesterday and Mariele Neudecker arrives from London today, while the show’s local artists: Marie-Jeanne Musiol and Andrew Wright have been in the process of installing their photo-based works in the exhibition space since last week.  Sarah Walko, who drove in from New York City last Wednesday has just put the finishing touches on the fish tank which will feature in her installation.

Intrigued? We’ve compiled some of our favourite photos of the installation process to share with you, below.  A big thank you to every one who slogged away behind the scenes to bring Preternatural to life.  Enjoy!

In the thick of the installation process, Andrew Wright's Nox Borealis hangs in the background

Stillness in the gallery and Mariele Neudecker's works in progress

Unwrapping Neudecker's miniature lighthouses

Anne Katrine Senstad, Andrew Wright, and Sarah Walko

Sarah Walko assembling a fish tank as part of her installation

A close-up view of another of Walko's creations waiting to be mounted

Anne Katrine Senstad having a look at Marie-Jeanne Musiol's electromagnetic photographs

Works by Wright and Walko receiving final touches

Welcome to Preternatural. Come in and explore.

See you all tomorrow night (Thursday December 8th) at 6pm for the Vernissage at the Museum of Nature (240 McLeod Street)!





Time to Install a Major Exhibition (feat. Sarah Walko)

With less than one week to go until the opening night of Preternatural at the Museum of Nature on December 8th, we’re eagerly starting to install the show.

Sarah Walko has thankfully reached Ottawa after an epic journey from NYC with thousands of tiny sculptures in tow.  She gave me a little synopsis of the journey and the process of installing her work:

Arrived in Ottawa yesterday with my very good friend and right hand man studio tech Dan Quinn. We began install at the museum this morning!  

Border crossing was successful.  With thousands of little pieces of the installation loaded in the car we were a bit nervous as many components are organic and are plant/animals parts, which is a customs 101 potential nightmare.  However – we had a specific note from the Museum of Nature stating our purpose and all went through fine. 

All day today involved a lot of measuring, organizing and editing.  Tomorrow we will troubleshoot LEDs, fish tank, motor and finish composition of the test tube brackets.

Take a look at these behind-the-scenes snapshots of the install in progress:

To see the finished product, come to the Vernissage next Thursday, December 8th from 6pm-9pm, or visit Preternatural at the Museum of Nature any time between December 9, 2011 – February 12, 2012.

Also at the Museum of Nature will be works by: Marie-Jeanne Musiol, Mariele Neudecker, Anne Katrine Senstad, and Andrew Wright.