As we round the corner to the final stage of Preternatural, Norwegian artist Anne Katrine Senstad returns, this time flooding St. Brigid’s with ambient light, colour, and resonance for her site-specific video and sound installation, Kinesthesia for Saint Brigid.

Colour Kinesthesia is part of a larger body of work by Senstad, which explores the multi-sensorial experience of the body enveloped in light and sound. At St. Brigid’s, a video project­ion flooding the rear of the space emits a striking arrangement of colour sequences: a startling blood red — a vibrant blue — a warm green — a stunning yellow, which transgresses through the space to envelop and seemingly disintegrate its architectural details.

The cinematic score that will accompany Kinesthesia for Saint Brigid was composed by eminent musician/composer/producer and DJ, JG Thirlwell.

Below is a short preview of Senstad’s Kinesthesia for Saint Brigid:

Kinesthesia for Saint Brigid by Anne Katrine Senstad will run from Jan. 29th  – Feb 17th 2012 at St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts.

Opening dates:

— Feb 1: Gallery hours, 5-8PM

— Feb 15: Gallery hours, 5-8PM

— Feb 17: Closing reception, 5-8PM