Sarah Walko’s Studio is Magical

Sarah Walko just sent us a handful of lovely photos of her installation-in-progress for Preternatural.

Here is a glimpse at the hundreds of incredibly intricate  test tube sculptures that will become part of Walko’s mixed media installation at the Canadian Museum of Nature, on display from December 9th, 2011 – February 12th, 2012 .

The final work will include the test tube sculptures pictured above, as well as other small wonders such as miniature landscapes, moss-filled lightbulbs, microscope slides, plants, and fish to name a few, and will be called:

It is very least what one ever sees (all that we share in these drawers) (myelin sheath) (birds linking landscapes) (and nets hold light and dark clouds, centuries, weather satellites) (they seep) (static, silence heresy), 2011, Sarah Walko