As we round the corner to the final stage of Preternatural, Norwegian artist Anne Katrine Senstad returns, this time flooding St. Brigid’s with ambient light, colour, and resonance for her site-specific video and sound installation, Kinesthesia for Saint Brigid.

Colour Kinesthesia is part of a larger body of work by Senstad, which explores the multi-sensorial experience of the body enveloped in light and sound. At St. Brigid’s, a video project­ion flooding the rear of the space emits a striking arrangement of colour sequences: a startling blood red — a vibrant blue — a warm green — a stunning yellow, which transgresses through the space to envelop and seemingly disintegrate its architectural details.

The cinematic score that will accompany Kinesthesia for Saint Brigid was composed by eminent musician/composer/producer and DJ, JG Thirlwell.

Below is a short preview of Senstad’s Kinesthesia for Saint Brigid:

Kinesthesia for Saint Brigid by Anne Katrine Senstad will run from Jan. 29th  – Feb 17th 2012 at St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts.

Opening dates:

— Feb 1: Gallery hours, 5-8PM

— Feb 15: Gallery hours, 5-8PM

— Feb 17: Closing reception, 5-8PM

VIDEO: Interview with Anne Katrine Senstad

A television interview with artist Anne Katrine Senstad and farmer Ronnie Waguespack on the process behind Senstad’s work: The Sugarcane Labyrinth.

Come and see The Sugarcane Labyrinth installed at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa as part of  Preternatural from December 9th, 2011 – February 12th, 2012.

See more of Senstad’s work here:

Making of Nox Borealis

Andrew Wright works with fabricator Christopher Solar to form one of the large curved photo panels that will become Nox Borealis, Wright’s work in Preternatural.

Nox Borealis will be on display as part of Preternatural at the Canadian Museum of Nature from December 9, 2011 until February 12, 2012.